RAINBOWZEBRA: Imagine a Better World.

Then Help to Make it a Reality.

Share the work of other creative artists that you admire or enjoy.
Be a talent scout – if you are one of those people who is always noticing interesting talent – musicians, artists etc, use the forums or your blogs to share your discoveries with others. If it’s creative and it’s interesting (and it doesn’t break any of the Terms and Conditions of your RainbowZebra membership), then SHARE IT!
If you know of a good exhibition or gig, then tell others about it, put it on the calendar, review it…

Share what’s happening around the corner, what’s happening around the world that is of interest to creative people – If you have any work of your own – projects, exhibitions, performances, share them on RainbowZebra, and if you discover other interesting things that are happening share them as well.

The Best Ideas
We believe that creative people have the best ideas, and the best way of sharing ideas. As an online community we want to explore the idea of creative community, sharing thoughts about what we see around us that we think is working well…we want to have lots of good news shared because there are plenty of people doing really positive and inspiring things.

We also want to share thoughts about what we feel is not working, and then put together our creativity to see if we can come up with ideas to help solve some of these problems. Whenever we find an idea that sounds like it really could work we would like to work together as a community to see if there is anything we can contribute to help make it a reality.

What’s Already Working?
There are many organisations and individuals out there doing excellent work to make this a better place for all of us that inhabit this amazing planet.

The present financial climate has meant that many social and environmental problems have escalated and at the same time, much of the funding for charitable work has either been cut or withdrawn.

One way we can start as a community to actually make a difference, is by raising awareness of these issues as well as making people aware of individuals, charities and non-profit organisations that are working hard to resolve some of the problems that exist. We can also help practically by finding ways to raise money to help some of this work that is already being done.

We are starting by getting the community established and building up the numbers of actively involved members. By promoting RainbowZebra, you can help make a real difference.

Make a Real Difference:
For each new annual membership that is bought, there are 4 main benefits:
1 . The most valuable: A new member – the members are the legendary RainbowZebra Gold – it is their input and ideas that will make the RainbowZebra projects a success.
Basic membership is FREE (and easy!) – join in the forums, and enjoy sharing your ideas and interests with other creative people.
2. Money towards good causes You can also join as a Gold Member – a large percentage of your membership fee is donated to charity, from Memberships paid:
Each £10 (Gold) Membership will raise £4 to help charities and registered non-profit organisations doing their excellent work .
3. 5% FOR GOOD:
Anything purchased in future by the new member through the RainbowZebra Shop (being developed now) will have 5% of the purchase price donated to the registered charities supported by RainbowZebra
There is no time limit to this, if the new member purchases something in 2 years time, 5 % of the purchases will still go to good causes.
So, by introducing new members to RainbowZebra, you can help make a real difference… on into the future.
5% Rewards:
As a member you can help the community to develop and grow, and also be rewarded for your contribution. More…

RainbowZebra is for creative people, with creative ideas – let’s work together to turn as many of these good ideas into reality as we can.
Let’s get out there and do whatever we can to help RainbowZebra grow as a really Creative Community.