The Brussels Business: Who Really Controls the European Union

Posted by on Jun 22, 2016

A  well researched documentary showing the true nature of the European Union and how it is run by Multinational Corporations who dictate the direction and details of its development – the increasing corporate control of Europe.
The people we choose as our representatives in government appear to simply roll over and accept this – instead of informing citizens of the true nature of the “deal”.

[Numbers in square brackets indicate approximate position of a few “bookmarks” on the video
eg – [21:19 – Uncovering the documents]]

The material collected by the activists was published in the excellent book

“When I started out as a young Environmental Activist, I had no idea I would end as a watchdog in the Brussels machinery.
… but I was stunned to discover how fragile the political decision making process is, and to realise how easily it can be manipulated.
“There is a dark force behind this machinery. An entire industry operating in the shadow, often in secrecy and very confidential”.

“In the end its all about money. Democracy is one person one vote but in Brussels Business, it’s One Euro One Vote”

“What is interesting in international trade is that an international treaty signed by the European Union, even if it is not European Union Legislation, is above the European Legislation
And all the countries of Europe have to respect that international treaty that the Union has signed. “

“Brussels … is the place where legislation is launched. I think the figure is around 80% of all legislation which directly affects EU citizens, is actually initiated here in Brussels.”
“ 2500 lobby structures are based in Brussels, 15,000 lobbyists, the second biggest lobby industry in the world, only Washington DC is bigger.”

The organisation of the European Round Table (ERT) was formed and “represents the first time multinational firms organised purposefully and politically at the European level to try to influence European policy”.

The ERT publishes reports such as the “Reshaping of Europe” in which they recommend how to change the face of Europe.

Some of the Unelected Bureaucrats of Brussels (paid so well out of our taxes) apparently copy and paste this material, change the name of the authors and publish it as the “EU” directives, laws, rules, regulations, which are forced upon us through European Law.

These are the same people who are behind the TTIP agreement, which will cement their authority in place and allow them to completely loot all the countries tied into the European Union.

[37.30] The ERT meets a few days before the EU Summit. The directives given by the CEOs of the multinational organisations regarding what they want include things such as:
Adoption of a single market, the monetary union, infrastructure projects, a flexible labour market, deregulation, downsize public services, austerity measures,

All of which are diligently passed on by the Bureaucrats of Brussels to the heads of State, who diligently pass them on to the people who chose them as their representatives.

[50.00]  “The Multilateral Agreement on Investments was cooked up by some of the world’s largest corporations and their associations and the goal was to restrain government from regulating capital and investment.

It literally constrained government, it put handcuffs on government regulations and then empowered the corporations with a whole full new set of rights to be free from regulation, but also to sue our government.”

This agreement would have meant that our governments would have had to compensate foreign companies if they wanted to increase Environmental Protection, if they wanted better Labour Standards, if they wanted to secure equal treatment for women, or if they wanted to tax Capital”

[1:18:40]  One month after the financial crash had started (2008) an “Independent High Level Group on Financial Supervision” was created by the EU “to work out proposals for the regulations of the financial market and to find a way out of the financial crisis”

Investigation showed that this “independent” group were in the direct pay of the financial institutions which had caused the crash.

Watch the video…

This is what the European Union is about.
Multinational Corporate control of Europe, its citizens and its resources.

Example: [40.40]
A telex from the CEO of Philips shows that in December 1985 “he wrote to the heads of state just before the signing of the Single European Act which started the process of the Single Market
“The crux of the Telex is as follows: “We don’t know what you’re going to do, but we want you to act. You can act one way, or another. If you choose not to have the Single Market Program then you have given us no choice but perhaps we’ll take our business elsewhere.”